• Comprehensive Security of Enterprise Park2020-07-22

    一、 Background Analysis

    While the United States is constantly promoting the "industrial Internet" strategy and Germany is upgrading the "Industry 4.0" to a national strategy, China, as a manufacturing power, has put forward its manufacturing strategy at the right time.On May 19, 2015, the State Council promulgated the "Made in China 2025" national strategy to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

    Hikvision enterprise comprehensive security solutions based on the comprehensive security management in manufacturing companies, improve enterprise comprehensive ability and efficiency, and improve enterprise production emergency disposal of the emergency command ability, reduce the enterprise labor costs, improve work efficiency, help enterprise in towards the road to lay a solid foundation of intelligent manufacturing.


    二、Demand analysis

    1、Standardization requirement

    《Video security monitoring system of technical requirements》, 《the technical specification for enterprise safety production network monitoring system》,《 the emission of environmental noise within the boundary of industrial enterprises 》, 《enterprise integration platform for manufacturing informatization evaluation specification》, 《industrial enterprise information integration system specification》has made a clear requirement to enterprise security, security business people, vehicles and the safety of content, the information management of the system application and related indicators to the specification.

    2、System integration requirements

    Enterprise security involves a number of systems, when a number of isolated systems coexist there will be the use of inconvenience, high maintenance costs.Enterprises need a unified platform for the integrated management, the security subsystem and system integration of different functions, which can realize to each kind of system monitoring information resource sharing and optimizing management, data communication of each subsystem, the ability of information acquisition and processing, can generate optimal management information needed for the analysis and statistics.

    3、Intelligent demand

    There are a large number of employees and visitors in the enterprise, as well as a large number of vehicles and materials. Manual management alone and the way of staring at the screen for a long time cannot meet the needs of enterprise development.Businesses need smart ways to manage, manage, and manage things more efficiently.


    三、 System architecture

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    The whole system of enterprise comprehensive security solution consists of front-end equipment, transmission network and monitoring center. The front-end covers video monitoring, parking lot management, intrusion alarm, access control card and other subsystems.For the construction of enterprise integrated management system, it is not to simply stack each subsystem, but to seek the perfect combination between internal subsystems and other external intelligent systems on the basis of satisfying the functions of each subsystem.System mainly relies on enterprise integrated management platform, to achieve unified management and control of many security subsystem, through the enterprise integrated management platform, unified database, unified management, unified authorization interface, unified access card, unified security management business process, etc., at the same time considering the data security system resources as information-based foundation, meet some of production operations management needs of the business, supporting business process optimization.


    四、System function

    1、 Video analysis and linkage alarm

    Enterprise video surveillance information is huge, view, query is time-consuming, and difficult to locate.Video intelligent analysis technology adopts video image analysis to avoid inefficient fatigue caused by manual viewing of multiple images and reduce oversight negligence in abnormal situations.With a variety of intelligent detection access and related alarm linkage functions, video intelligence plus linkage alarm, improve the level of enterprise security and abnormal event processing efficiency.

    2、 Workshop personnel access management

    On the basis of the traditional personnel access gate, the application of related technologies is increased according to the characteristics of the workshop, and the combination of detection and access authority effectively increases the protection ability and internal theft management ability of the anti-static workshop, effectively reduces the on-site management workload, and reduces the input of on-site personnel on duty.

    3、 Visitor management

    To visitors to the paperless management replaces the artificial visitor registration management way, make reservation, registration visit and leave the whole process was under the way of information management, solve the artificial backup registration information cannot be easily lost, false registration, query retrieval, it is difficult and save staff to guide visitors invalid working hours, enhance the image of foreign enterprise as a whole.

    4、 Goods vehicle management in transit

    It can meet the requirements of enterprise vehicle management, scheduling and route management, realize real-time collection of vehicle data information, alarm and other functions, realize some sensitive data collection of enterprise vehicles such as temperature and humidity, realize real-time positioning of vehicle information and on-board video preview.The management of goods vehicles in transit strengthens the safety management of people, vehicles and goods in transit, which is conducive to the overall improvement of logistics and transportation efficiency.And regulate the behavior of drivers and delivery personnel;At the same time provide vehicle transport status information for analysis, conducive to the improvement of business efficiency.

    5、 Visual supervision of production

    Through the standardized operation interface of the platform, enterprise managers can check the real-time operation situation of on-duty personnel in the region, compare SOP documents, and randomly check whether the actual operation is executed according to SOP.The visual supervision of production can avoid the negative operation of employees, verify the maturity of new employees, indirectly improve the production quality control level, and save the position demand of patrol and supervision personnel.


    五、 System advantage

    1、 Full system integration

    The enterprise comprehensive management platform realizes the seamless integration of multiple subsystems of the comprehensive security system. Based on the internal communication and database sharing mechanism, it realizes the unified configuration and management of users and the unified allocation of global permissions, which greatly improves the management level.

    2、 Efficient application linkage

    Through the linkage management business of the enterprise integrated management platform, according to the alarm input attributes preset a variety of alarm events, the system can set different linkage schemes for the events, can simultaneously call most resources of the entire security platform to respond, improve the enterprise's ability to respond quickly to security risks and field problems.

    3、 Flexible modular design

    Based on THE DESIGN of SOA pattern, the enterprise integrated management platform modularized the system function system and developed the service-oriented way, so that the system has the characteristics of on demand.According to the project scale and application scenario, the platform can be adjustable configuration, and the expansion of the platform design to consider the various service ability, especially the center services, device access, flow distribution, flow core services such as storage, breakdown service respectively according to the size of clusters extended, for large, medium and small businesses can be flexible support.

    4、 Fine-grained permission Settings

    Enterprise integrated management system for the user permissions set by the authority of management function, equipment resource permissions and center management rights, can be set up user privilege management level, and will refine user operation permission to the specific function of each device breakdown, let the people of different character, different position can be within the scope of the limit of authority to use the same set of system.

    5、 Optimize people, cars and things management process

    The enterprise integrated management system introduces advanced management ideas, systems and methods into the management process through license plate recognition and optimizing visitor flow, so as to carry out management innovation and improve the overall management level of enterprises.The construction of enterprise integrated management platform can also provide various auxiliary means for enterprises to reduce operation and management costs, such as video remote networking, regional population statistics, vehicle-mounted monitoring and GIS positioning auxiliary logistics management, warehouse management, etc.


    Based on the principles of adapting measures to local conditions, scientific and reasonable, pragmatic, strict requirements and confidentiality, Haicang Vision enterprise comprehensive security solutions will create a set of easy-to-use and efficient systems to escort the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.