• Hospital Integrated Security System Solutions2020-07-22

    Background and Challenges
           In recent years, with the expansion of the security market, security technology has also achieved unprecedented development, and the demand for security in all walks of life also presents a diversification trend, especially in the medical industry, from the early analog video surveillance to high-definition intelligent surveillance.At the same time, other kinds of security subsystems are also constantly building and upgrading, such as intrusion alarm system, access control card system, entrance and exit control system.Faced with such a large number of systems, the personnel on duty need to master them one by one and operate them one by one when using them, which directly leads to the decrease of work efficiency and slow response to emergency events.


           The comprehensive security system of the hospital mainly includes security system and telemedicine system, including video monitoring system, intrusion alarm system, entrance and exit control system, access control card system and communication transmission system.The telemedicine system includes remote visiting, remote consultation and operation teaching.


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    The integrated security system of the hospital takes the centralized management platform of the network as the core, seamlessly integrates all kinds of security systems, turns passive monitoring into active monitoring, improves the work efficiency of hospital staff, speeds up the response time of hospital emergencies, and improves the overall performance of the security system.


    Programme Highlights



    1、The Application of HD Camera

    Traditional hospital security system mostly USES analog standard clear equipment, which can no longer meet the requirements of "see clearly" and "see fully" in the current hospital. The internal and external monitoring of the hospital adopts the mainstream network HD equipment in the market, so that the image definition is higher, the details are clearer and the monitoring target coverage is wider.

    2、Intelligent analysis and inspection applications

    The application method of traditional monitoring system is passive verification of data after the event, which makes it impossible to stop the event in time.With the development of video technology, intelligent technology can greatly reduce the working pressure and intensity of hospital security personnel, turning passive treatment into active defense。

    3、Alarm system, access control system and fire control system are integrated

    Hospital is now building a large number of security system, each system has a set of independent platform, this scheme will be video, alarm, access control, fire protection, inward and outward system function integrated into a platform, the attendants need only one set of the platform can complete all operations, reduce staff response time, improve work efficiency.
           4、Three-in-one platform

    The hospital comprehensive security system not only integrates each security subsystem, but also integrates remote medical system such as remote visiting, remote consultation and operation teaching.At the same time, the management staff of the hospital can also realize the visual management of the internal personnel, finance and materials of the hospital through the platform.

    5、Liaise with superior departments

    The comprehensive security system of the hospital supports GB/T28181, DB33 and other networking protocols, and realizes the networking response with superior authorities or public security departments.