• Urban Gas Security Control System Application Solution2020-07-22


           Urban gas mainly consists of residential gas, public building gas and industrial gas.The city gas meter house is the intermediate key device environment for the main line and branch line of gas transmission to the civil gas and industrial gas, which must be monitored, controlled and managed to ensure the safe and normal operation of each device.
          Huaxia high-tech unattended city gas meter room security control system, can realize the video coverage of city gas meter room and collect temperature and humidity, flow, pressure, all kinds of combustible gas detection sensor data information, such as guarantee table is inside the room in the center of the remote real-time display, and can realize the video and and on-off signal real-time sensor data fusion and linkage, guarantee the table on the normal operation of the equipment room, ensure that sudden emergencies, the remote center to a remote command, quickly out of danger.Also can be through the table of the internal system of intelligent linkage, intelligent unattended.


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           二、Application characteristics: 
           InstrumentedThe system can not only realize the networking application of video, but also access to various low-level control and business data systems such as SCADA/PLC system, realize the linkage fusion of sensor data, valve control and other data with video, and meet the requirements of visual safety production and safety management of urban gas.

           IntelligenceThe full series of intelligent equipment of Huaxia High-tech is utilized to realize various intelligent applications such as regional detection, wandering detection, cross-line detection, etc., and to complete intelligent security prevention for high-risk areas of urban gas
           ConvergenceSupport the access and integrated application of intrusion alarm system, access control system, environmental monitoring system, voice system, intelligent analysis system, realize the seamless integration of each system, meet the requirements of multi-system business alarm linkage application

           ExplosionproofThe front key equipment such as camera, methane detector and other equipment adopts explosion-proof equipment, and has passed the national explosion-proof certification, the manufacturer has obtained the industrial product production license, to reduce the risk of the entire security control system to the minimum。