• Infrared Explosion-proof camera for mine

    Infrared Explosion-proof camera for mine

    The product name:KBA127-K1S(A/N)D Mine explosion-proof infrared camera
    Product modelKBA127-K1SAD[Simulation]
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    The product description

    KBA127 network flameproof optical fiber camera for mine, used for image acquisition and transmission in important underground places, suitable for underground coal mine with methane and other explosive mixed gases and explosion risk.It is the main component of mine television monitoring.Stable and reliable use of products, the highest domestic cost performance.

    KBA127 network Flameproof Optical fiber Camera for mining is designed and manufactured according to gb3836-2010 standard and Q/SG 002-2013 standard of Flameproof Optical Fiber Camera for Mining;The camera is equipped with ac100-240V adaptive power supply.Single-mode single-channel digital optical fiber transceiver, transmission distance up to 40km;Front-end matching adopts 1.3 megapixel 1/3" CMOS network HD camera with effective pixel of 1280(H)×960(V).

    KBA127 network mine flameproof optical fiber camera has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume, light weight, explosion-proof, seismic, moisture-proof and so on.It is a key equipment for real-time image monitoring of main production links, important equipment and key positions in the coal mine industrial TV system, which can get good monitoring effect under low light.

    To adapt to the environment

    Applicable to factories with A and B Ⅱ Ⅱ, Ⅱ c-class T1 ~ T6 group of combustible gases and vapors in mixture with air to form explosive place of 0, 1 zone and 2 zone, and the formation of combustible dust in mixture with air of 20, 21, 22 area explosive dangerous location.Such as petroleum, chemical industry, port, oil RIGS, gas stations, oil depot, ships, mines, ports, aerospace, military, medicine, steel, fireworks production, machinery, food processing and storage etc, especially suitable for oil tank truck, dangerous goods transport vehicles, tankers, a small warehouse, chemical laboratories, pharmaceutical factory workshop, such as explosion-proof elevator for place of a higher volume and weight requirements.

    Product features

    ● 1.3 megapixel 1/3" CMOS network HD camera, effective pixel 1280(H)×960(V);

    ● Windows using special toughened plate glass production, in the strong and durable, to ensure the clear picture quality;

    ● Toughened glass window surface processed by nano technology, light pass rate is high, non-sticky water, non-sticky oil, dust repellent;

    ● With 2 outlet holes, explosion-proof flexible pipe or armored cable can be used for explosion-proof electrical connection;

    ● Easy installation, simple maintenance, universal knot with fixed bracket, suitable for wall, base, column installation;

    ● All 304 stainless steel, anticorrosive, explosion-proof, dustproof, waterproof;

    ● Built-in AC100-240V adaptive power supply;

    ● Built-in single-mode single-fiber digital optical fiber transceiver, transmission range up to 40Km.

    model KBA127-KSND2(I) Explosion-proof type Ex d I Mb
    Explosion-proof certificate number   Coal safety mark number  
    The material 304 stainless steel Protection grade IP66
    Overall dimensions 112(Width)*133(height)*484mm(length) The internal space ¢107mm×360mm(Long)
    The window size ¢60mm Unit weight ≤10kg
    Specification of outlet hole G-3/4″ Number of outlet holes 2
    installation Walls, pedestals, columns The use of temperature -25~70℃
    Relative humidity ≤95%(+25℃) The atmospheric pressure 80KPa~106KPa
    The input voltage AC110-240V Input apparent power ≤15VA
    Power module output OUT DC12V 1.5A The power interface 2 core /3 core terminal
    Number of network input interfaces 1 Number of optical fiber interfaces 1
    Optical fiber type Single mode single fiber Optical fiber interface specification FC
    Optical emission wavelength 1310nm Optical emission power -8dBm~0dBm
    Transmission distance 0-40Km Video coding H.264 High Profile coding
    Image sensor 5 megapixel 1/2.5" CMOS sensor Effective pixels 1920(H)×1080(V)
    To switch between day and night Automatic (IRCUT automatic switching) Video compression bit rate 32Kbps ~ 16Mbps continuously adjustable, support CBR/VBR
    Minimum illumination

    Color 0.6 lux@f1.2,

    Black and white 0.08 Lux@F1.2;

    Subtitle overlay Support channel name, date and time overlay position adjustable, support automatic reverse color display
    Signal to noise ratio ≥50db(AGC OFF) Client-side browsing Support IE6.0 and above (embedded Web Server), support 8 users concurrent access (MAX)
    Gain control Automatic gain AGC Support agreement TCP/IP,UDP,RTP,RTSP,RTCP,HTTP,DNS,DDNS,DHCP,NTP,PPPOE、SMTP,UPNP
    The white balance Automatic control of white balance AWB The network interface 1 channel 10/100m network adaptive,RJ45 adapter
    AE control Autoexposure AE Access protocol ONVIF、G28181
    Electronic shutter 1/25—1/10000s The storage mechanism Manual, automatic (cycle, timing, motion detection, block detection)
    Image resolution

    Main code stream: 1920*1080;1280 * 720;1-30 frames per second,

    Secondary code stream: 1280*720;704 * 576;352 * 288;1-30 frames per second

    Lens selection 4-25mm fixed aperture lens (optional)

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